Mobile Apps

  • Native Mobile Apps

    The Term "Smart phone "mean different things to different people. However in terms of mobile Apps one significant event that changed the whole Dynamics of the industry is when Apple introduced App store in 2008 and shortly after it opened SDK (Software development Kit) to third party developers. After this historical change, the retail and consumer industry is continuously striving to get a strong foot hold on the new emerging mobile Apps market.

  • At Innovative House we are making a significant attempt to expose our clients to the new emerging mobile application markets. We are continuously motivating our clients and empowering them to emerge pioneers to make optimum use of new business opportunities and change in fast paced customer preferences.

  • Key Benefits

    • At your customer finger tips 27/4
    • Push notifications anytime
    • Instant business location (GPS)
    • Viral marketing through social media
    • Keep customer engaged
    • One tap call

  • Multi Platform – Multi screen resolutions

    With growing demand for verity of mobile options in the market, mobile app Development Company is Involuntary pushed into a challenge to cater to fast paced change. The research and execution team at Innovative House is continuously trying to work in Sync with latest market demands to maintain our offers up to date.

    Key Benefits

    • Android
    • IOS
    • Black berry
    • Windows mobile